Our Summer newsletter is out

Despite the lockdown and ensuing restrictions, the team has had quite a busy few months, as people have been getting out and about again. You can keep up to date on our latest incidents on this website.

We’ve also got a new newsletter for you. It’s got a report on Arthur Littlefair’s 50 years of duty as a team member, including his stints as Team Leader, Training Manager and now Chairman, and of course his major role in the building of our rescue base in Kirkby Stephen. We managed to have an outdoor ceremony to present him and Vivienne with a certificate and some gifts as marks of our and the community’s appreciation.

There’s lots more to read in the newsletter, including a new member’s assessment of the differences and similarities between Mountain Rescue and the RNLI, for which he previously volunteered. Team Leader Adrian Cottrell has some thoughts on managing searches, something we have had to undertake on a large scale several times recently, often with help from other teams, the Coastguard helicopters, and Lake District search dogs. There’s also an update on our resilience project for the base, which is now well under way in spite of the difficulties with Covid-19. And much more besides.

Download the Summer newsletter (PDF):

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