2021 Incidents

(Note: incidents given with a number in brackets are officially reportable, while the others relate to standbys, event cover and incidents outside the team area at which team members were present)

(7) 29th April, 3 hours
The team assisted Kendal MRT with the treatment and evacuation of a female walker who had a lower leg injury while walking with two friends near Cautley Spout. The casualty was stretchered to the road to meet an ambulance.

(6) 30th March, 3 hrs 15 mins
A male motorist left the scene of an RTC near Orton. Police asked the team for assistance finding him. He was later found at a nearby property. 15 team members responded.

(5) 27th March, 2.5 hours
The team was asked to support Cumbria Police in the search for a motorist missing after a collision on the M6 near Tebay. Several members of the team helped evacuate the casualty from a steep slope to a Coastguard helicopter in the team stretcher.

(4) 9th February, 1.5 hours
9 members of the team responded to a request by North West Ambulance Service for assistance with evacuating a young patient in a field near Kirkby Stephen.

(3) 8th February, 4 hours
The team assisted with vehicles stuck in snow at Tailbridge. 5 team members were involved.

(2) 8th January, 4 hours
A vehicle with 4 occupants was reported stuck in snow on the Tan Hill road on South Stainmore, having driven past a ‘road closed’ sign. Cumbria Fire and Rescue and 4 team members in two Land Rovers attended and were able to dig the vehicle out and return it and the occupants to a driveable road.

(1) 8th January, 4 hours
The team was asked to transport a district nurse to a patient near Tebay after heavy snow in the area. Two team members provided a lift there and back from Shap in a team Land Rover.

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