2021 Incidents

(Note: incidents given with a number in brackets are officially reportable, while the others relate to standbys, event cover and incidents outside the team area at which team members were present)

(32) 30th December, 5.5 hours
Wasdale MRT asked for help in the search for overdue father and son on Scafell.

(31) 5th December, 1 hour
3 team members went to assist Kendal MRT with a woman on Holmepark Fell with chest pains.

(30) 4th December, 2 hours
11 members of the team assisted motorists in several cars stuck in snow on the Tan Hill road, including a family of 5.

(28) 28th November, 2 hours
Four team members in a team Land Rover went to assist Penrith MRT with a search on Cross Fell.

(19-27 & 29) 27th – 29th November, 30.5 hours
The team manned the base full time during Storm Arwen and its aftermath. 183 person hours were put in by team members and nine incidents attended for motorists trapped in the snow on various of the higher minor roads in the team’s area. The team also collected a patient for necessary treatment from Tan Hill Inn and returned him the following day.

(18) 23rd October, 2.5 hours
11 team members plus 3 from Penrith MRT attended a walker with a medical emergency near Smardale Bridge. The man was extracted by stretcher and Land Rover to the nearest road and handed over to the ambulance service.

(17) 5th October, 3 hours
The Team were asked to assist in the search for a dog seen falling down a steep embankment into the River Clough near Sedbergh. 9 members of the team searched the river and banks for about 1km downstream, plus further downstream at a mill where the river widened and slowed. Sadly, nothing was found. Incredibly, about a week after the search, the dog was spotted by a member of the public approximately 2km further down stream on a rocky outcrop in the middle of the river and was successfully recovered and returned to its owner unharmed.

(16) 29th August, 3 hours
Team called to assist a 40 year old male who had fallen from his off road motorbike injuring his wrist. He was given pain relief, treated at the scene and brought to the Team’s base where he was handed over to an ambulance crew. The incident involved 3 team members.

(15) 29th August, 3 hours
Team called to search for a missing vulnerable 63 year old female near Tebay. Very large potential search area, so assistance was requested from Kendal MRT and the Lakes Search Dogs. Search parties were deployed and the woman was found near Kirkby Stephen shortly after. 16 members, 3 hours.

(14) 29 August, 1.5 hours
Whilst coming off the fell from the previous call-out, a member came across a family in difficulty. A 17 year old female was having trouble making her way off Green Bell. She was assessed, and able to slowly make her way a short distance to a Team Land Rover that had driven up to meet them. 5 members.

(13) 25 August, 2 hours
The team assisted the ambulance service with the treatment and evacuation of a woman with a lower leg injury by the river at Stenkrith, Kirkby Stephen. Six team members were involved.

(12) 15th June, 3 hours
The ambulance service requested assistance with an 18 year old male cross-country runner who had collapsed near Sedbergh. The air ambulance was called by doctors on scene treating him for hyperthermia and, although he was recovering, he was flown to hospital for checks.

(11) 30th May, 2 hours
The team was called to a male walker reported lost coming down from Mickle Fell. 11 members responded but the walker arrived at a road near Brough before the search started.

(10) 22nd May, 4 hours
11 team members assisted Kendal MRT with the treatment and evacuation of a 17 year old DofE participant with a knee injury at Aye Gill Pike.

(9) 16th April, 4 hours
The crag team was asked by a farmer to rescue a sheep in a steep ravine at Hebblethwaite Gill. The team was joined by a group from Kendal MRT. Three members descended to the sheep and put a sling round the sheep so she could be hauled up. She was released safe and well.

(8) 14th April, 2.5 hours
The crag team rigged a rope rescue for a fledgling raven stuck in twine in its nest under an arch of Smardale Gill viaduct. A team member was able to descend under the arch and cross to the nest to cut the bird free. It was later reported flying within the nature reserve.

(7) 29th April, 3 hours
The team assisted Kendal MRT with the treatment and evacuation of a female walker who had a lower leg injury while walking with two friends near Cautley Spout. The casualty was stretchered to the road to meet an ambulance.

(6) 30th March, 3 hrs 15 mins
A male motorist left the scene of an RTC near Orton. Police asked the team for assistance finding him. He was later found at a nearby property. 15 team members responded.

(5) 27th March, 2.5 hours
The team was asked to support Cumbria Police in the search for a motorist missing after a collision on the M6 near Tebay. Several members of the team helped evacuate the casualty from a steep slope to a Coastguard helicopter in the team stretcher.

(4) 9th February, 1.5 hours
9 members of the team responded to a request by North West Ambulance Service for assistance with evacuating a young patient in a field near Kirkby Stephen.

(3) 8th February, 4 hours
The team assisted with vehicles stuck in snow at Tailbridge. 5 team members were involved.

(2) 8th January, 4 hours
A vehicle with 4 occupants was reported stuck in snow on the Tan Hill road on South Stainmore, having driven past a ‘road closed’ sign. Cumbria Fire and Rescue and 4 team members in two Land Rovers attended and were able to dig the vehicle out and return it and the occupants to a driveable road.

(1) 8th January, 4 hours
The team was asked to transport a district nurse to a patient near Tebay after heavy snow in the area. Two team members provided a lift there and back from Shap in a team Land Rover.

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