2020 Incidents

(Note: incidents given with a number in brackets are officially reportable, while the others relate to standbys, event cover and incidents outside the team area at which team members were present)

(21) 29th October, 4.5 hours
A couple walking near High Cup Nick called for help after getting lost late in the afternoon. Their phone position was identified about 1km from High Cup Nick. 4 team members were despatched to find them and accompany them down. They were taken in a team Land Rover to their car in Dufton.

(20) 27th October, 2.5 hours
Penrith MRT requested assistance for a possible extraction of two male walkers with hypothermia on Cross Fell. 12 KSMRT members responded. The casualties were extracted by helicopter, one taken to hospital and one brought to the team’s RV point. He was taken by a team member to Penrith.

(19) 7th October, 4 hours
Members of the crag and swift water teams rescued a sheepdog from the deep cut at Hell Gill. While locating the dog in the gill they also found a stranded sheep and descended again to rescue it as well. Both dog and sheep are well.

(18) 7th/8th September, 15 hours
The team was asked to assist Swaledale MRT in the search for an 80 year old hiker missing between Tan Hill and Gunnerside. 10 members of the team searched two areas on the 7th September and 2 members reported to assist again on the 8th September, with 2 more about to turn up when the missing man was located safe and well.

(17) 14th August, 2 hours
The team assisted the ambulance service with the extraction from the river bank of a motorcyclist at Straight Bridge near Sedbergh.

(16) 24th July, 2 hours
The team responded to assist the ambulance service with a man in his 70s with breathing difficulties near Smadalegill Viaduct. The man and his friend were transported in a team Land Rover and the patient was transferred to an ambulance at the road. The air ambulance also attended.

(15) 21st July, 4 hours
13 members of the team responded to a mountain biker who had slipped and cut her leg on the Pennine Way path near High Cup Nick. She was treated and stretchered to a team Land Rover to be driven down towards Dufton. Her husband was able to take her on to hospital for treatment.

(14) 11th/12th July, 3 hours
Immediately after the earlier callout the team responded to a man with a suspected heart attack on High Pike. After assessing his condition a Coastguard helicopter was called, this time from Humberside. The helicopter was able to land nearby and the patient was transferred and taken to James Cook Hospital. Kendal and Penrith MRTs also responded with their Autopulse cardiac resuscitation equipment.

(13) 11th July, 3 hours
The team responded to a request by the ambulance service to help with the evacuation of a woman who had fallen off a quad bike near Adamthwaite. A Coastguard helicopter was called from Caernarfon, the team loaded her on a stretcher and she was winched to the helicopter. She was taken to Preston Hospital.

(12) 24/25th June, 12 hours
Members of the team searched through the night for a walker in his 70s who had not returned to his car at Rawthey Bridge, along with a Coastguard helicopter. Team members from Penrith MRT and Kendal MRT and Lake District Search Dogs took over in the morning. Sadly the walker was found deceased near the waterfalls at Uldale.

(11) 12th June, 2 hours
The team assisted an ambulance crew evacuating a local person from Tebay who had injured her ankle on a public footpath near her home.

(10) 28th May, 2 hours
8 members of the team assisted an ambulance crew with an unwell man some 500m from the road near Tebay. The patient was transferred to a GNAA air ambulance.

(9) 15th March, 3 hours
The team was called to search for a missing person on the Tommy Road near Ravenstonedale. The person was located and treated for cardiac arrest before evacuation by helicopter.

(8) 13th March, 2 hours
Seven members of the team responded to a request for assistance by Kendal MRT to help evacuate a female walker near Sedbergh with an ankle injury. She was stretchered off the hill and handed over to an NWAS ambulance.

(7) 22nd February, 5 hours
While covering a fell race from Dufton to High Cup Nick the team assisted a runner with an ankle injury and helped treat a 60 year old male runner for diabetes/hypothermia.

(6) 19th February, 2 hours
The team was called to a female walker in her 20s lost in poor visibility on Nine Standards. 8 team members responded. Two Land Rovers were able to drive on a shooters track to near her location and she was taken to her car in Kirkby Stephen.

(5) 15th February, 30 mins
NWAS asked the team to help an ambulance with a patient stuck in flood water near Great Musgrave. 2 Swift Water Technicians from the team responded along with a team of six from Penrith MRT. The ambulance crew were able to extricate themselves and were guided by phone onto a safer route.

(4) 14th February, 1.5 hours
The team was asked by Penrith MRT to assist in the search for a missing person near Langwathby. 7 team members responded but were stood down en route.

(3) 21st January, 30 mins
The team was asked by NWAS to assist with a 16 year old female with a leg injury near Sedbergh. 10 members responded with one nearby going to the casualty site direct. The ambulance crew were able to evacuate the casualty and team was stood down.

(2) 20th January, 1 hour
The team was asked by NWAS to help with a patient in a remote location. One member attended but the team was stood down as the ambulance crew were able to extract the patient unaided.

(1) 15th January, 6 hours
Five members responded to a request for assistance by Penrith MRT who were called to a fell runner on the Montane Spine Race stuck on a ledge at High Cup Nick. She was recovered into the valley and taken to the race control at Dufton.

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