2022 Incidents

(Note: incidents given with a number in brackets are officially reportable, while the others relate to standbys, event cover and incidents outside the team area at which team members were present)

(08) 12th July, 2 hours 30 mins
The team were alerted to a lamb, which had fallen into a deep shake hole and was unable to escape, by a member of the public who had luckily heard its bleating. A small team set up a rope system and one member abseiled into the shake hole, which was found to be a considerably sized cave 15m deep. The lamb was secured into a harness and hauled out, followed by the rescuer, and was luckily unharmed. 5 members for 2hr 30 mins.

(07) 10th July, 5 hours
The team were asked to assist Kendal MRT with a callout at Cautley Spout waterfall, which is on the boundary of our areas. A female had slipped from the path and fallen 15 feet into the river sustaining a suspected fractured arm/shoulder. Along with members of Kendal MRT, she was treated for her injuries, given pain relief and loaded onto a stretcher, before being lowered down steep ground and onward to a road ambulance. 15 KSMRT members for 5 hours.

(06) 6th July, 9 hours
The team were asked to assist with a multi team search around Scafell for a missing walker. The team’s drone was deployed along with several others from the region to search various inaccessible areas that would have been very difficult and time consuming for ground based searchers. The use of drones is a recent development for the region, and this was our first live deployment. The body of the man was later discovered by a search party. Our condolences go to his family and friends. 2 members for 9 hours

(05) 29th June, 2 hours 25 mins
Team called to assist an off road motorcyclist who had fallen from his bike and sustained a suspected fractured lower leg near Gaisgill. The team administered pain relief, stabilised the leg in a vacuum splint, and transported the casualty to a waiting ambulance. 12 team members for 2hrs 25 mins.

(04) 24th April, 2 hours 15 mins
A mountain biker had fallen from their bike on Hartley Fell. Initial reports were that he had sustained spinal injuries. Upon arrival, members were able to assess the casualty and administer pain relief for a serious shoulder injury. North West Ambulance Service paramedics were able to make their way on foot to the scene, and after further assessment the Team stretchered the casualty to the road ambulance.  12 members were involved.

(03) 11th February, 1 hour
The team was called to search for two walkers who were lost in poor visibility near Cow Green reservoir, which is on the North-Eastern boundary of our area. After establishing their likely location, the callout was passed to our colleagues at Teesdale and Weardale MRT as their response time would be far quicker to the area.

(2) 23rd January, 1 hour
The team was called to a female with a foot injury on Hartley Fell. She was quickly recovered by 7 team members.

(1) 22nd January, 1 hour
Four team members turned out to assist Penrith MRT with 3 males lost on Cross Fell.

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